Another successful brand activation partnership for Superglue

Another successful brand activation partnership for Superglue

Brand Activation

A successful brand activation campaign lives or dies on its ability to resonate authentically with its audience. Creative integrity is key. Our understanding of this, gained from many years working with brands and communications agencies means that we deliver maximum value for our clients, finding authentic ways to bring brands to life in order to achieve their objectives.

Here’s how.

Superglue + Swingers + Freixenet. A Brand Activation Masterclass.

With no competitors currently owning the sector, Freixenet had a huge opportunity to become the sparkling wine brand of choice in the UK by re-positioning themselves as the drink of choice for trendsetters and opinion formers. Marketing agency Rough Hill came to us with a campaign designed to create a point of difference for Freixenet. They wanted to resonate with an influential crowd, drive lifestyle press and create shareable content.

Partnering with Swingers gave Freixenet presence at one of the hottest venues in London, so the target audience came face to face with the brand in a cool edgy setting, which they had not previously been aligned with.

Working with Superglue enabled Rough Hill to maximise the potential of this association to terrific effect as we designed and produced a fully integrated brand experience into the event environment and atmosphere.


How we designed Freixenet into the Swingers.

  • A bespoke cocktail bar and two Mediterranean verandas gave the brand prime visibility in a subtle way.
  • A Freixenet house cocktail was developed to take centre stage on the drinks menu.
  • Branded artwork enhanced the golf course environment and could be shared to promote purchasing.
  • Freixenet became an integral part of the golf game. Knock all the pins down on the 10th hole and win a Freixenet tab.
  • An event for Freixenet staff re-positioned the brand internally.

Online competition winners attended an exclusive event with free Freixenet cocktails.

Leading to excellent value for our client

  • 92k customers attended and experienced the brand at the bar.
  • Freixenet achieved a social following of 2.5k on Twitter and 1k on Facebook.
  • Superb press coverage perfectly aligned with their target audience.
  • Not to mention excellent product sales on site.

Our determination and ability to position the brand in a manner that was relevant to both client and venue was vital to its ultimate success.


As well as understanding how to seamlessly integrate a brand into an event space, we know what works when it comes to getting people actively engaged with a campaign and talking about a product.

Ad Agency VCCP ran a brand activation campaign for KIA Motors at London’s Westfield Shopping Centre for which we produced the live activity on site. 600 KIA mascot hamsters were hidden around the centre and shoppers were encouraged to hunt them out, tweet about it and bring them home to the KIA stand for a prize, yielding both a high footfall and engagement on social media.

We helped VCCP to ramp up the engagement metrics by working with them to devise and produce activity that would really get people involved in the hunt both in store and online. The team of brand ambassadors that we brought in to engage the public hit the spot and meant that VCCP generated a reach of 3,452,752, against their KPI of 2,309,324.