Immersed in Immersive Events

London seems to be awash with immersive events at the moment. I attend them regularly and I recently had the privilege of going to two stand-out shows which exemplify the art-form at its very best. Although quite different, both created a truly authentic experience by showing rather than telling the audience what was happening.

The first was Alice Underground.


Like the Haunted House project we produced back in October, this event really took each member of the audience into another world, giving them a totally unique adventure as they travelled through the experience. The show, commissioned by the Old Vic was set in the tunnels under Waterloo station. After comparing notes with friends in the bar at the end I am desperate to go again and choose ‘Eat me’ rather than ‘Drink me’ at the beginning. This simple decision would send me on a totally different journey into Alice’s world. Amazingly well done.

The second was the Barbicans Betrayal at the Village Underground.


I have never been to anything like this before. It is an operatic, danced theatre, immersive whodunnit. The changing soundscape that was created as singers moved around the space was mesmerizing and the dancers portrayal of the story was beautiful.

It would be really exciting to see more brands take inspiration from the ambition and success that I saw in these events. Their capacity to really engage audiences whilst resonating with authenticity has huge potential.