The Boules Rolling…

The boules rolling, with articles about Boulers – Rooftop Pétanque by Orangina being lobbed from all directions.  Here’s a sample of what they’re saying.

It’s French, it’s fancy, it’s fun, it’s on a roof, there’s a bar. Tick, tick, tick, tick. Or as the French say, ‘teeque’.
Time Out
The pop-up is combining a highly sociable cocktail bar with a fiendishly competitive game of Boules. Orangina knew only the experts in the field could support this sensation - the Institute of Competitive Socialising. The ICS were behind the crazy golfing sensation Swingers, who have shared everything they know about how to create an unforgettable pop-up.
London Calling
Why bowl indoors when you can play pétanque on a rooftop!
Thirty Something London
With a cocktail in one hand and a boule in the other, guests are invited to relax and enjoy the zesty atmosphere as summer is truly shaken up! While visitors aren’t bouling, the rooftop will be a-buzz with music from top London DJs, a roof top cinema and the comfiest seats in the capital will be on offer to admire the attractive London skyline.
All In London
Soak up the last of the summer sun while enjoying the chicest sporting trend to cross the channel. Pétanque, French boules will be brought to East London for an exclusive week-long event.
Don't Panic


The Boules RollingThe website has been super-busy, so if you want to come along, best book your terrain tout suite.