Shine on…

Shine on: Whenever we start on designing the space for an event, lighting is one of the topics we look forward to the most. Appropriate use of lighting can make or break a set. Here we look at a how we’ve used lighting on a few past projects, and peek at some of the new lighting products that we’d love to shoehorn into future events.

PO2ESSED Haunted HouseIt was the subtle lighting that we used on the Haunted House project that gave the set its really spooky and atmospheric feel. We worked with expert lighting designer Ben Donoghue who’s projects include the Punch Drunk sets, and the infamous Ray Ban 13th hour party.

He set lights into scenic elements, which were remotely controlled, and used colour filtered spots to throw low-level light into darkened rooms. Using this effect we were able to draw guests eyes to the bits we wanted them to see and create spooks and scares in the areas hidden by darkness.

When producing the D&AD Awards, lighting was equally integral to creating the party atmosphere. Big glittery white and blue moving heads made use of the metallic and decorative reflective surfaces to create a glitzy, gala feel.

D&AD Awards DinnerAt Swingers we used light to illuminate the architectural qualities of our old warehouse space and created darker areas to hide the less beautiful areas. Theatrical flair came through pin spotting each hole, making the course centre stage. Party lights were installed into the clubhouse to create atmosphere on the dance floor, while bright outdoor lampposts and festoon lighting was used across the terraces to create the illusion of being outdoors.

Swingers WallWe love going to shows that use lighting creatively. Video mapping is used now across the industry to great effect. Still, for us one of the best examples dates back to 2011 and is Spared Space and Lights projection for the Brighton Pepper Pot, fundraising event. The results were stunning and have since been developed for ever more complex shows throughout the world.

One aspect of these lighting events is that whilst they are short, they hold the audience’s rapt attention.

Electronics company Philips has recognised the potential of lighting and produced a couple of awesome short films to demonstrate their products at work. We think they are simply breathtaking.

Lighting used to take night time skiing to a new level:

Lighting used to make off road cycling at night a sensory high: