Stream to be Seen…

Video recording has played a bigger part in events in recent years.  In the age of social media and online marketing we have seen it used to dramatically increase event ROI.  We work with clients to design solutions aimed at increasing the engagement period of delegates, opening up marketing and sponsorship opportunities, increasing organisational efficiencies and develop new revenue streams via online audience participation.

Stream To Be Seen

Live streaming too has become an event staple.  Towards the end of last year YouTube opened a whole new exciting level of features for event producers with their Live Video Streaming tools.  These allow you to stream video footage directly to your YouTube channel – and consequently to any webpage that can embed YouTube videos (so for example a company intranet page for an internal event, or maybe an internet page behind a paywall for additional event income.)  Streams are recorded and also made available after the event.

Whilst the tools have limited means of maintaining audience engagement compared to being in the same room, for the right sort of event the benefits far outweigh that.

To make the most of the opportunities of both recorded and live stream footage, we work with each of our clients to design solutions which enable a rich and interactive online experience.  This often includes content that is not found within the event e.g. behind the scenes interviews with key participants, delegates and contributors in both a long form and a vox-pops style.  We then package these up, along with other event media and content.

Screen To Be Seen

Live streaming is also able to increase the number of delegates without increasing costs.  Take for instance a sales or HR briefing for an international organisation.  The hurdles of travel costs, time differences and availability of individuals are pretty much eliminated.