Raising the bar

Raising The Bar…

We’ve worked with some high profile drinks brands over the last couple of years to create some fantastic experiential events and a recurring theme we’ve used is the ‘signature cocktail.’ We find there is no better way to get consumers hankering for a product than via some exciting and interesting cocktails that tie the event to the brand. It has worked equally well for alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks.

Our Boulers event for Orangina last summer was a great example of cocktails reframing the use of a high end soft drink. Working with award-winning mixologist Neil Garner at Roof Top Cinema, we used Orangina as a basis to create a full range of drinks to suit the event. 2680 bottles of Orangina were consumed at the event and a large percentage of these were in signature cocktails.

Glass Half FullA cocktail needs to be visually engaging, taste great, and be evocative of a place – and that last one is sometimes easier with an out-of-the-ordinary event than a normal bar.

This was certainly true at our Spin the Bottle event for Oasis in 2013 on the London Eye, with non alcoholic punches being served along side the new Mango Medley flavour Oasis that was being launched that night.

Long after an event, summer parties can get an edge by trying to recreate a particular drink and the recreation of signature cocktails can extend memories of a fantastic night out, driving sales.

Another successful brand activation partnership for SuperglueWe totally immersed Cava brand Friexient at the Swingers pop up in 2014 with their own Cava and Cocktail Bar. We used Freixient in all of the cocktails available from this terrace bar which formed over 20% of all alcohol sales on site at this sell out venue.

So the big question is…what is going to find it’s way into our glasses this year?