Signs of the Times

Sign of the Times…

The signage that we produced at Swingers lead to a request by Interior designer Zachary Pulman to create this new hand-painted sign for their shop in Marble Arch. Hand-painted props – from entire tromp l’oeil rooms to quirky decor – have been a mainstay of some of our most creative projects for years. The hand-made look that is immediately recognisable oozes quality, and feedback is always very positive with one person likening it to being greeted by maitre d’ at a restaurant.

When we created Boulers, our artists created this hand-painted sign at the bar as well as scoreboards alongside each ‘terrain.’ With a good artist, it is often quicker to paint a space rather than create a graphic and have it printed – although in the case of Boulers the dire weather did it’s best to interfere with our schedule.

Boulers Bar

At the Haunted House, artists created a false wall in a room behind which a ghost (thankfully played by an actress) lurked – something that just wouldn’t have been convincing with printed media.

At Swingers we used painted signs to achieve the retro-sophisticated feel that would have been almost impossible to achieve via printed media.

Swingers Changing Rooms

The sign for the Place at Marble Arch was painted in a day based on an initial design by Zachary Pulman. Painted directly on to the wall yesterday, it can be seen at 31 Connaught Street, London W2