Wings of Desire - Superglue Wing Fest Wingmans

Wings of Desire – London Wing Fest 2016.

We had a great day yesterday at Gillett Square, Dalston where we were running London Wing Fest. 2200 tickets for the event were made available online and sold out within 40 minutes but another lucky 200 people were able to get in on the day. London Wing Fest is the first commercial event to be run at Gillett Square and we managed to fit 16 stalls, 2 bars and a stage into the space.

Wings of Desire - Superglue Wing Fest Stage

The stalls enabled 16 hugely enthusiastic local street food businesses to showcase their products to an equally eager flock of hungry customers, who might not otherwise have ventured to the neighbourhood. By 10pm stocks were running low, appetites had been sated, and winners of the best wings had been chosen.

Wings of Desire - Superglue Wing Fest Competitors

Having seen the positive effect on the surrounding area we’re now looking forward to running more events at Gillett Square in the future.

Wings of Desire - Superglue Wing Fest Chickenman