Why slip when you can

We’ve been monitoring the evolution of a new online service called, and now we’re recommending it to all our conference clients.  It eases the creation and distribution of conference content, and encourages audience engagement during the event.


We’re excited about it’s ability to create presentations online. The tools they have mean that even the most novice PowerPoint or Keynote creator can put together a really professional looking deck. You don’t have to use this function, you can just upload something you have already prepared using your existing templates. Creation

However, using this software enables guest speakers to log in from anywhere in the world to collaborate on event presentations and – crucially – this helps to ensure that all slides follow the conference branding guidelines which keeps your messaging center-stage.


Our favourite feature is the ability to make content interactive. The software provides a basic polling facility enabling presenters to get a quick feel for opinion in the room easily. It also gives an opportunity for people to ask questions during a presentation without interrupting the flow. Delegates can send a question either live to an on-screen feed or directly to the conference producer.

With many of the conferences we produce including panel sessions, this provides a great way for the chairperson to manage questions from the audience while keeping discussion on the stage dynamic and interesting. It empowers delegates to participate more and ensures they get what they need out of the conference. Audience

Conference content is stored within so that delegates can log in after the event and access relevant elements. All elements are also stored separately so video, slides, questions and chat logs can be accessed individually as necessary.

What is also useful is that delegates don’t need to download a specialised app to use the service, which can pose a barrier to taking part. They can simply log in online and join in in real time.

Don’t Slip Up

As ever, there are a few points to watch out for.  Some time and expertise must be invested into setting up the conference and the system also needs to be managed throughout the conference to ensure it really does drive interaction rather than act as a distraction to what’s happening.

We’re Here to Help

Superglue manages the whole process for our clients giving complete peace of mind that the conference will be nothing but flawless on the day.