Adobe Creative Cloud Product Launch

Adobe Create Now Tour.

Adobe Creative Cloud booked Village Underground, East London’s fashionable warehouse music and cultural space for the UK leg of their product launch world tour.

Pulling off a technologically challenging and event in this venue was going to require an experienced and steady hand. Village Underground recommended Superglue to Adobe to lead them through the process.

As well as drawing together the central show and managing the tech set-up, we provided a crucial interface between a super-slick client and an edgy venue.

Creative Cloud Launch

We took charge of all the show-calling and stage management. The show took the form of three presentations and a total of 14 speakers – including V-FX icon Laurent-Paul Robert and photographer Madame Peripetie – some of whom gave walkthroughs and demos. The talks were delivered to three separate audiences and the entire event was simultaneously captured for a digital magazine.

A flawless show was delivered, maintaining the impeccable standards  which Adobe required.

Biggest challenge?

We were let down at the last minute on some powerful projectors which were central to the look and feel of the event. As it coincided with Glastonbury, Wimbledon and some other major London listings, sourcing equipment and crew at late notice was difficult. But, thriving on a challenge we dug deep in our contacts book and came up with the goods to deliver this high tech event.

Services that Superglue provided:

  • Event Production and Delivery
  • Show Production
  • Stage Management
  • Show Calling
  • Supplier Management