Boulers – Rooftop Pétanque by Orangina

Boulers – Rooftop Pétanque by Orangina

The Brief

Soft drink brand Orangina was being re-launched in the UK.

The event objectives – to reinforce that the brand is worth paying more for and position Orangina as a credible, actively desired premium adult soft drink and unlock the brands emerging iconicity.

The specific target audience for the event was 22+ year old ‘open socials’, forward thinking urban professionals who know quality and are willing to pay for it, and actively seek out small pleasures to make every day feel a little different. We understood that they would respond positively to street food, good music and lighthearted competitive socialising. The event needed to be fun & light-hearted and appeal to all of these desires and allow the guests to experience the brand values and personality in a relevant and authentic way.

The key objectives of this activity were to build fame and awareness through KPIs that looked at earned media coverage, social engagement, video views and event attendance.

The Solution

We created Boulers; a roof-top pétanque bar in East London, complete with six gravel petanque lanes, a cocktail bar featuring world champion mixologists, French inspired street food, cushioned seating areas, an Orangina ‘perfect serve’ dispense bar, a DJ booth and magnificent views of the Olympic site across to the city.
The event ran for 8 days in total with 2 days build and one day de-rig.

Roof East, in Stratford, East London, was selected by Superglue as the site to host the activity. Roof East has fantastic panoramic views over the city, is easily accessible and has the ‘cool factor’ for Open Socials. Importantly, one half of the roof was already home to Roof Top Cinema, Flamin Liberty (street food style Hawksmoor burgers) and a cocktail bar, which gave the venue a ready-made footfall of the target demographic.

The site was designed so that there would be no barriers between the existing activity on the site and the new ‘Boulers’ pétanque area, so that guests would be encouraged to move freely between the two spaces. The whole site needed to adopt the premium feel so that transitions between the spaces were seamless. This was a delicate balance as it was also important that the identity of the outlets already on site were not compromised.

To create a holistic experience across the roof-top, a high end Mediterranean twist was given to every touch point from aesthetics to menus. Existing venue furniture, including the cocktail bar was re-designed to provide a high-end finish whilst providing additional comfort for all the guests. The gravel pétanque pits were lined with lavender and flanked by on-theme props including a giant pétanque sculpture and umpires chairs. Mixologists and Flamin’ Liberty were briefed to create a bespoke menu of Orangina cocktails (le ‘C’est Shook’ anyone?) and a special premium French-inspired food menu.

Boulers Boulers

A clear brand hierarchy was developed across the site. The event was ‘Boulers’, with sub copy – ‘brought to customers by Orangina Societe’. Logos, branding materials and a tone of voice were created to reflect ‘Boulers’ irreverent but premium feel. Superglue then wove the ‘Boulers’ tone of voice and aesthetic into the site with cheeky rules cards, instructions on how to ‘throw like a pro’ and hand painted signage on the bars, starter hut and score boards. Subtly weaving the brand into the fabric of the event meant that consumer interaction with Orangina felt natural and authentic. This approach suited the venue and chimed with the target audience.

Staff were carefully selected for their strong characters and wore chic ‘Boulers’ uniforms with embroidered shirts, cardigans and pumps. They were well informed about the brand (including the perfect serve) and the games and were encouraged to make the experience as fun as possible for the players and guests, thereby reinforcing the Orangina brand messages.

To further ensure an on-brand atmosphere, the DJ partners programmed hit-the-dance floor music and all staff members were encouraged to have fun. There was dancing every night on the roof with the staff leading the action.

Boulers Boulers

Superglue produced and managed the site in its entirety. We partnered with Institute of Competitive Socialising (ICS) (the creative team behind crazy golf phenomenon, ‘Swingers’) who endorsed the activity and promoted it to their database. This type of event was a first for Orangina, so partnering with ICS helped give the event the credibility it needed to attract their target audience. ICS marketing team ensured the event sold out on line before we even opened and encouraged engagement with the activity throughout the run.

The event activity was part of a wider multi-channel campaign for Orangina. Frank PR was responsible for project management and all PR activity in and around the venue as well as organising the star-studded guest list for the launch night party.

The Results

The event sold out in record time, with 5 lanes selling out in 2 days and the event selling out on line before it opened. Some slots were allocated for walk-ups to encourage footfall, which remained busy at all times. And whilst the rain came for a large percentage of the event open period this absolutely didn’t dampen customers’ spirits and attendance at the event exceeded expectations. The attendance record was particularly noteworthy as the entire project was turned around in 8 weeks and Orangina had no previous track record of in the pop up space.

The bar and DJ area was busy throughout the event which ensured the atmosphere remained extremely positive.

A giant petanque ball sculpture encouraged guests to share their experiences at the venue on social media channels. The opportunity was also taken up by multiple celebrities, media influencers and hundreds of guests.

  • Over 1200 people came to Boulers and played petanque with hundreds more visiting just to enjoy the party and fun atmosphere
  • 2800 bottles of Orangina were consumed (as the perfect serve and also signature cocktails)
  • Petanque lanes ran constantly at near capacity.
  • A fantastic atmosphere ensued despite a few spells of bad weather.
  • Press coverage in Evening Standard, Time Out, Daily Mail, Daily Express, LeCool and Hello Magazine
  • Estimated reach for PR coverage for the event was 209,124,069 with 100% positive sentiment.
  • 144,071 organic video views of the Orangina campaign so far.

‘Life is Flat Unless You Shake It’ was the campaign message, and Boulers certainly shook up the London events scene.  Through the attention to detail and creativity, applied by the cross agency team in its design and production, ‘Boulers’ delivered the perfect serve and brand values at every turn. Et voila, ‘Boulers’ was hugely successful in enabling Orangina to resonate and engage with its target audience in a relevant, authentic way.