Personal Information Economy 2015

Ctrl-Shift PIE 2015: Growth Through Trust

Purpose of the Event

Following on from the success of the PIE2014 conference where Ctrl-Shift attracted the interest of some big brands, PIE 2015: Growth Through Trust aimed to build on that momentum by further positioning Ctrl-Shift as the go-to organisation for advising on all things relevant to personal data.

The event was a key component of the organisation’s marketing activity for the year.

PIE2015 ReceptionPIE2015 Audience

Ctrl-Shift is an extremely ambitious company. With internal staff occupied with client work and some of the 2014 delivery team having now left the organization, Ctrl-Shift needed the assistance of an experienced and capable event delivery partner to ensure the event reached its targets.

Event Objectives

Superglue’s role was to design and deliver an event that:

  • Validated Ctrl-Shift’s reputation as THE place to go for practical and strategic advice on consumer digital empowerment.
  • Expand awareness of Ctrl-Shift amongst key target audiences by attracting the right people (potential clients, technology providers, media, venture capitalists/investors, policy makers and regulators.)
  • Demonstrate Ctrl-Shift’s exciting vision AND the ability to make it happen by showcasing their work and methodologies.
  • Establish Ctrl-Shift as an attractive partner for enablers/B2B service providers etc.
  • Presented to clients and collaborators the business opportunities from consumer digital empowerment available.

What We Did

We worked closely with Ctrl-Shift both as consultants and in a delivery capacity throughout the event lifecycle to ensure that PIE 2015 realized its objectives.

PIE2015 Main Hall

PIE2015 Main HallWe collaborated on the structure of the event with Ctrl-Shift staff and then with the speakers to ensure that their material tied together to deliver the key messages. We ensured that the content had a clear appeal to all targeted stakeholder groups.

We recommended Kings Place to host the event. The venue, with large modern auditorium and flexible studio style spaces, provided a contemporary and innovative backdrop for the event.

Conference content was split into three concurrent streams. Superglue managed over 65 speakers into the spaces, in a variety of formats including keynote presentations, panel discussions, workshops and live demo sessions.

An entrepreneur’s marketplace was set up in the gallery space where the conference refreshments and post drinks reception were located. Our idea was that the market place would show the work of the most innovative service providers in the industry to delegates and contributors alike.

PIE Entrepreneurs Market Place 1PIE Entrepreneurs Market Place 2

We instructed real-time illustrator Joel Cooper to capture the day’s content on a series of boards. By the end he had created 12 boards of engaging infographics for attendees to reflect on. These joined our interactive exhibition to further illustrate the conference content and will undoubtedly be used in subsequent marketing activity.

We had the entire event filmed and then facilitated the production of post-event material targeted at diverse stakeholders. Sessions were made available online shortly after the event along with edited sessions showing key highlights of specific talks and a fantastic marketing video. Ctrl-Shift have since used these to help communicate their messages to both new and existing customers.

Interviews with various speakers and delegates in long form and vox pop style were edited over night to produce a short film, which went out to key participants the following day.


The event was slick, smart, fast-paced and innovative. Feedback from delegates was extremely positive.

ROI was measured against quantity and quality of warm leads, positive word of mouth and goodwill for the company’s products and services. This meant the event far exceeded expectations. It enabled Ctrl-Shift to position themselves in such a way that they were able to secure some big new international clients and go on to deliver some ground-breaking work in the personal information sector.

The delegates unanimously expressed a desire for future events and we are already working with Ctrl-Shift on PIE2016.