Global Finance 2016 Banking Awards

Global Finance 2016 Banking Awards


Global Finance Magazine has been running banking awards for many years, and after Superglue helped them with their Digital Banking Awards in 2015, they asked us to help improve some of their other awards in 2016.
The work consisted of focusing on three events in particular:

  • The Transaction Processing Awards, which took place on 28th September 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland amongst the activity of the annual SIBOS conference.
  • The World’s Best Bank Awards, which took place on 8th October 2016 in Washington DC.
  • The World’s Best Digital Bank Conference and Awards, which took place on 18th October 2016 in London.

Our brief was to inject some energy into the awards, raising their profile amongst bankers, and in turn raise familiarity with the Global Finance brand as a whole. Global Finance 2016 Banking Awards


As a first step, we produced surface graphics and had them printed onto banners, lectern dressing and backdrops so that photographs of the events contained Global Finance branding. Then we coordinated the Powerpoint slides and implemented a consistent brand style throughout them.
Global Finance 2016 Banking Awards
We produced animated versions of the event logos which we incorporated into the presentation slides for each of the awards ceremonies, and in the London event we used walk-up music to inject energy into the proceedings. A challenge at the London event in 2015 had been that the sheer volume of awards and the need for publicity shots made the ceremony feel drawn-out. We addressed this in 2016 by grouping the awards differently and streamlining the photography process.
Global Finance 2016 Banking AwardsGlobal Finance 2016 Banking Awards
The venue for the 2015 London event was too small to cater for the larger number of attendees that Global Finance wanted to see, and we took the opportunity to relocate to The Royal Society of Arts building. The venue has far more personality and it’s historic architectural features resonated really well with the international attendees and pushed the message that the event is a leader in it’s field.


The London event included panel discussions which are notoriously difficult for engaging audiences, but in 2016 we saw a level of interaction from the audience much higher than in 2015. Questions and comments were freely flowing and delegates were mingling easier during breaks.
Global Finance 2016 Banking AwardsGlobal Finance 2016 Banking Awards
Feedback from those attending and speakers was unanimously positive, and we are now working with Global Finance on their 2017 banking awards events.Take That to the Banks