Ctrl-Shift’s Personal Information Economy 2014 Conference

The Brief

We were asked to provide consultancy and complete event production for CTRL-Shifts annual conference.  The brief was to produce their flagship event that would position them as disruptive market leaders in the cutting edge personal and big data industry and drive new business.

Producing the Conference

For the live event we split the conference into three distinct areas. A networking space with a marketplace of innovative start-ups for guests to interact with during breaks. A main plenary to accommodate both keynotes and panel discussions and a breakout space was set for panel discussions to ensure flexibility.

We managed all of the speaker sessions ensuring their presentations, contributions and any holding information were assembled on time, proofed, set-up and worked on all relevant technology. This meticulous approach was necessary as the day was due to be fast paced with a fresh and engaging approach to the formats by running parallel sessions in the separate spaces.


The aim was to produce a conference that was interactive and rich in material driving delegates back on-line to experience any elements they missed. This information rich format helped Ctrl-Shift effectively capture audience  and share important developments within the Personal Information Economy in a fresh and invigorating way. Positioning themselves as a future facing organisation and a resource to be accessed by Government and brands alike.

We used a complete suite of interactive technology, Polls Everywhere, Tint and Storify, to create an on-line version of the event and created similar energy by live blogging on site using LinkedIn and Twitter. We were able to showcase the conversations and feedback being shared on-line within the venue live on screens. We produced digital and printed branded materials throughout the space which helped to ensure people knew what was happening and where they should go. This ensured the conference exceeded the audience expectations receiving exceptionally positive feedback from attendees and guests.

Providing Communications Support

We produced a communications strategy that initiated relationships with the audience by reaching out to them on relevant platforms to ensure the right guests attended the event. We created an exclusive space for delegates where they had the opportunity to engage directly with articles, questions, polls and other pieces of information intended to foster conversations and shape the day delivering maximum value for attendees.

After the event, we provided a framework supported with audio, video, copies of presentations and imagery to continue to engage with this active and developed audience.

The Result

The result was extremely positive for CTRL-Shift, not only did our client showcase their work. But they secured new business 100% above target. They’ve successfully positioned themselves as cross-platform influencers with extensive reach in a new and dynamic market. We were delighted to have worked with CTRL-Shift to help them develop a dynamic, rich event, professionally produced to the highest standards. Our approach ensured an exceptionally high number of delegates responded to the interactive elements with over 96% of delegates engaging on-line before and during the event.

Event Production and Delivery

  • Conference Consultancy
  • Event Direction
  • Event Management
  • Supplier Management


  • Content strategy
  • Event Collateral Production
  • Press and Media consultancy

Content Creation

  • Formatting Speaker Presentations
  • On-Site Branding
  • On-Screen Graphics and Interactive Elements