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Wings of Desire – London Wing Fest 2016.

We had a great day yesterday at Gillett Square, Dalston where we were running London Wing Fest. 2200 tickets for the event were made available online and sold out within 40 minutes but another lucky 200 people were able to get in on the day. London Wing Fest is the first commercial event to be…

Wing Fest 2016

One Wing to Rule Them All

The taste of Buffalo, New York wings it’s way to London’s East End in August with London Wing Fest 2016 at Gillett Square, Dalston. Judging by ticket sales it’s going to be a busy day. With 15 high-flying hopefuls from the Street Food scene vying for the award of London’s best Buffalo Wing the competition will…


Superglue announced as production partner for Dalston’s Gillett Square

This is a real gem of a venue. An versatile, uncluttered, open-air space in the creative and cultural heart of East London, it has tremendous scope to become something amazing. As sole production partners for Gillett Square we are looking forward to helping our clients make the most of the space to bring their brands,…